I know more about Frances Avery at Catholic University than I do about her in high school. I know that she went on to get an MA in Medieval History, and nearly a doctorate in the field, although she didn't complete her disserration, which was on Pontifical university law schools in 15th century Burgundy. Here are some photos from that time of her life.
Frances Avery Catholic UniversityApparently some dorm mates. I can identify Toni Matthews to  the right.
Frances Hardy and  dorm matesAnother shot of dorm friends.
Frances Avery in dormFran in dorm, original overexposed. With her friend Toni...
Toni Matthews
Catholic University party aftermathFriends sleeping it off.
Friends marriage, Catholic UniversityNo idea who these folks are, but their marriage shows many photos in her Catholic University album. A few follow.
Frances Avery dancingDancing...
Frances Avery dancing
Frances Hardy at dinner

I can recognize Fran and, seated at right, Jason Miskuly, who a decade or so later would marry us. The others are unknown.