Frances Avery attended Regina High School in Hyattsville Maryland, I believe from 1964 to 1968. Among her effects was an album with pictures from those days.
Frances Avery high school graduationHer graduation portrait.
Some of the pages follow:
Fran album 1
I cannot identify any of the people except from notes on the back of some of the pictures.  The top right person signed "Linda Jean," the top center person signed hers "Madeleine," and the lower right one "Jackie."
Fran album 2
The top left person signed "Eleanor," top right is her friend Toni Matthews, bottom is her friend Judy Cannon.
Fran Regina prom dinnerAppears to be the prom dinner.
Fran prom party
I'd assume ready to go to the prom. Fran is on left, I believe Judy Cannon on right. Below is one of several images from "Expo 67," which apparently was held in Canada.
Expo 67