Mark was born May 18, 1985. I wouldn't say he was a large baby, but here is Fran shortly before he was born....

Here's a photo of Fran, probably hours after he was born. They're in Fairfax Hospital, where she would pass on 18 years later.

And of us, probably a week or so later, at home in Falls Church:

He had the colic for 90 days, and about the only thing that stopped his crying was when he was put in a wind-up swing that we found. Here's a shot of Fran with it. (After her death, I found the swing in the attic, still stored 18 years after it last saw use):

My parents drove in for the christening (Dad, who served in the Army Air Force in WWII, has never flown since, so they drove all the way from Tucson). Here they are with their first grandchild.